Specialty Products

Besides of lysozyme, the other egg-proteins and the various pancreatic enzyme products, Bioseutica is actively pursuing new product developments in the fields of food & feed additives and human & animal health and nutrition products. These new products make up the Specialty Products division of Bioseutica. 

Currently, Bioseutica’s Specialty Product division comprises the following products: 

Bioseutica’s compound feed product line harnesses the activity of natural ingredients to improve gut health, immunity and growth performance. The specialized compound feed are designed for antibiotic free operations that produce livestock, such as, poultry and swine. For more detailed information, please contact us at customerservice@bioseutica.com for further informations. For scientific publications relating to these feed additives, please refer to the Science literature section

Bioseutica Entegard™Read More 
Entegard™ is a compuound feed designed for poultry, swine and other livestock to promote gut health.  Entegard™ is specifically formulated to overcome the challenges associated with antibiotic free production (ABF). Entegard™ is available in water soluble powder or encapsulated form.

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